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Rue De La Lys, 3155 · 62840 Sailly-Sur-La-Lys · France

T (+33) 321 661806
F (+33) 321 661818


Sales Director: Aurélie Zory •

Safilin is strategically located in the heart of the linen area, in Western Europe, near Lille.
Safilin has built a solid reputation in producing and distributing linen yarn.
The best qualities of flax are to be found in a zone stretching from Calvados to Holland.
The unique growing conditions found in that area guarantee the best possible crops for textile applications.
Since 1778, the company is owned by the Salmon family and since that time, the company has always evolved to provide the best quality to the global marketplace.
Masters of Linen certified and 100% European, Safilin works tirelessly for the satisfaction of its customers. From fiber selection to spinning expertise, backed up by an effective commercial presence, our customers can rely on the best spinning partner.

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