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Creative Dialogues curated by Gianni Bologna

Filo 61st edition


FILO finds out four outings in the world of images, especially those which nourish in an increasingly bulimic way our daily life, by then shaping a world that is often CONCEALED, where everyone is pushed to appear in a way which reflects very little one’s personal essence, while conveying artificial representations of that person and of his/her imaginary essence.

As a result, one’s daily life is beaten as a mediatic exhibition where each of us is forced to totally or partially play a role which is complementary to the one of other individuals interacting with him/her.

Therefore, FILO is exploring and trying to understand the ‘ornamental’, inspirational, and ‘imaginative’ side of this way of living, by playing with imaginative shapes of some specific MODERN MASKS, created thanks to technological tools and current media, which don’t deal with the history and the purpose of traditional masks. Indeed, they are focused on the side of hyper-customization, and they created a true new aesthetics, which sometimes, let’s admit it, is even more creative.

Warning while using the MASKS: wearing the masks for too long might bring them to become your real faces.


We simplify and we update our aesthetic tradition to make it available, by representing it in light version, as a show to be broadcasted in prime time.
Without disregarding that qualities should be nice and should include a series of elaborations which don’t leave space for ‘cheap’ tastes.


We chose to think about relaxing and non-violent comics.
Pleasant comics which foster the development of colourful and sometimes ironic, exacerbated, and fairy-tale fantasy.
We have been inspired by these features to think about suggestions characterised by eccentric look, almost derisive, aiming at fulfilling the desires of a hyper-customisation of taste.


Naturopathy in the common sense of the term, that is therapies based on natural substances, but also ‘pathos’ in the common sense of pain.
Pain suffered from Nature discredited and devasted by human beings and by their idea of a misinterpreted ‘progress’ and uncontrolled exploitation of resources.
This leads us to think that Nature’s pathos maybe is called HUMAN BEINGS.


“Serial” says much about the insistent repetitiveness distinguishing those messages characterised by basic and even rudimentary contents.
They talk about force tests, relief, empathy, emancipation, elaboration of pain, redemption: the emotions we feel in front of the screen are complex, but what matters for those generating and spreading the message is that it’s consolatory.


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