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via Silvio Colli, 41 · 13811 Andorno Micca BI · Italy

T (+39) 015 473518
F (+39) 015 473474


Company founded in 2013, continues its adventure and invests more and more in sustainability, environment, innovation and protection of its staff. The GOTS Certification has been achieved, also developing the study of natural dyes on the piece, the RWS Certification and has reached an ADVANCED level of implementation of the 4Sustainability ZDHC protocol, and an EXELLENCE level for the 4s Trace initiative.

The restructuring of the departments and the building continues to make the Company even more functional and meet current safety regulations. An automatic chemical distribution system, a sodium chloride and sulphate distribution plant and a cooling water recovery plant were installed.

The Valsaar project, born after the flood of 2020, continues with a completely eco-sustainable sneaker with seaweed fabric dyed with natural dyes.

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