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via N. Sauro, 43 • 13871 Benna BI • Italy

T (+39) 015 2558198


Sales Manager: Spirito Christian

O.E. Yarns, Ring Spun cotton system and stretch core yarns in 100% natural and man-made fibres with linen, wool, silk, hemp, jute and himalayan nettle with GRS certification also.

Wet spinning system yarns in 100% linen and 100% hemp yarns with “GOTS” certification also.

Woll blends yarns in 100% wool and mixed with other animal and natural fibers : silk, alpaca, linen, hemp and nettle.Special compositions naturally colored with brown and grey wool fibres for a new eco-sustainable collection.

Silk yarns in schappe silk and bourette silk.

Fancy yarns bouclè, frisè, moulinè, trend articles dyed, printed.

Special technical yarns for clothing and  furnishing .

Our articles participate to the project of the “Associazione Tessile e Salute” supported by Italian Ministry of

We are also GRS – GOTS and RAF certified

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