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Via A. Dalla Torre, 5 • 31047 Levada Di Ponte Di Piave TV • Italy

T (+39) 0422 852178
F (+39) 0422 852031


Italy Sales Managers: Andrea Ongetta, Luigi Rossi
Export Sales Managers: Francesco Ongetta, Arianna Cendron

Our company can provide you with the most complete variety of high quality silk yarns, in discontinuous and continuous fiber, raw, dyed and with fancy effects.

Available at stock:

  • Raw silk, hair, organzine, wefts, crepe, native, shantung, stretch silk and twisted with natural fibers
  • Spun silk yarns and tussah in counts from Nm 2/10 to Nm 2/240, as well as Nm 2/120 in mélange
  • Spun silk yarns and tussah yarns blended with linen, wool, cotton, cachemire
  • Meche and noil yarns
  • Yarns produced with regenerated silk yarn, both 100% silk or mixed with other fibers

As regards silk continous filament, we can provide with several items, such as bicrepe, frisottine, compensine, grenadine etc

We have always paid great attention to both environmental and sustainability issues; at this respect, we brought to conclusion the path for the Detox commitment.

Thus, we are able to follow an eco-sustainable productive process of fashion articles and collection, in full compliance with the strictest existing standards.

Our company has also achieved the GOTS certification for organic production and the GRS one for articles produced with recycled materials.

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