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via Solata, 17 • 13898 Occhieppo Superiore BI • Italy

T (+39) 015 2595032
F (+39) 015 591281 • Italian Customer • Foreign Customer


CEO: Alberto Enoch
Sales Manager: Alex Zanuto

We are producer and retailer of Worsted, Semi-worsted, Wet Spun and Open End Yarns.
Yarns in 100% Silk Mulberry and Silk Tussah and blended with Natural and Noble fibers.
Yarns in 100% Linen wet and dry spun and blended with Natural fibers.
Yarns in 100% Wool and blended with Noble fibers.
Large stock program in Raw White, Yarn dyed and Tops dyed.
We are able to customize Yarns for Weaving, Circular Knitting and Flat Knitting.

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