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Via Ponte Vecchio, 11 · 27017 Pieve Porto Morone (PV) · Italy

T +39 0382 78035


Sales Manager: Marco Pavesi: + 39 339 1879459

Torcitura Padana and Interfil ITP are a textile group

Torcitura Padana, a yarn refining company for 50 years, has created innovative and highly successful products.

You can find all the articles in row white and in dyed on a large range of colourcards or on demand.
The highest quality standard on the yarn and on the colours is guaranteed by all the controls on the raw material during the production and above all in the final product.
The yarn can be delivered on metrated bobbins for warping or directly on beam.
Research, innovation and technology over the years have generated several successful products and patents that revolutionize the market, giving rise to a new philosophy of approach to the product and the customer.

Among all, the COEX technology ( stands out, unique in the world, able to make all natural fibers totally fireproof while preserving their ecological and hand characteristics such as: biodegradability and compostability, softness, transpiration and hypo-allergenicity.

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