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Via De Gasperi, 65 • 25030 Zocco di Erbusco BS • Italy

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Sales Manager: Simone Zanni •

Ufficio Marketing & CSR: Michelle Marzoli • – Piera Francesca Solinas •

Since 1958 Filmar produces yarns using very high-quality cotton fiber and sophisticated blends with noble fibers such as silk, linen, GRS cashmere and Merinos wool.

Wide range of yarns in stock for orthogonal, circular weaving, knitting and hosiery

Our best sellers are:

AFROMOOD, 68% linen and 32% cotton superior. A yarn born from the natural flavor of linen, blended with the noble Zero Yarn. A collection characterized by warm and nuanced shades.

ARES, (fin.14-16) a flamed 100% long staple cotton fibre, very fine yarn.

BIOTECH, organic cotton yarn blended with Sensil Biocare certified polyamide. This particular certification ensures that the polyamide in garments and fabrics is enriched with an additive that helps reduce microplastic waste in the oceans in order to generate less impact on the planet’s ecosystems, without sacrificing strength, softness and durability.

BIOJOY, compact yarn, 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

ECOLOOP, 100% cotton yarn designed and produced by Filmar that combines high quality with reduced environmental impact. Made from a cotton blend composed of 50% colored fibers from internal upcycling activities and 50% virgin fibers, Ecoloop achieves significant savings in virgin cotton, energy, water and chemicals.

LUXOR, yarn made from an intimate blend of 70% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 30% silk. A yarn with a bright appearance and a crèpe hand.

GLOSSY, yarn made from 85% superior crèpe cotton (including 35% organic cotton) and 15% silk. From this blend comes a natural yarn with a brilliant appearance and a crisp, dry hand.

GOLD, yarn of extreme elegance composed of 50% Egyptian organic ELS cotton, 30% fine cashmere, 20% delicate silk. The result is an extremely soft and versatile yarn.

NILO, 100% cotton yarn made from GOTS-certified cotton (Giza 45 and 87), which ensures that all standards are met even during production.  Nilo is the first ELS organic cotton yarn, born in 2016 as part of the Cottonforlife initiative. Nilo has a soft, silky and unique hand.

ARTIC, 100% cotton crepe yarn, fresh and modern.

ZERO, 100% superior cotton yarn, zero pilling, durable and compact..

FILOSCOZIA BIOFIL, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton yarn.

COTTON&CASHMERE, yarn composed of the highest quality superior cotton (85%) and the noble fiber of cashmere (15%), resulting in a durable, extraordinarily soft and ultra-thin product.

MAKÒ CASHMERE, a precious yarn composed of GOTS-certified Egyptian Cotton blended with a very fine cashmere. The combination of the two fantastic raw materials results in a natural, sophisticated and precious yarn suitable for fine knitting.

SNAP, ARAL, PLOY AND VIBE, collection of cotton chenille yarns.

Filmar presents a digital product passport at Filo to ensure the traceability of its yarns.

The digital passport is a key tool for the company’s cutting-edge mission. It illustrates the whole history and supply chain of the product. By scanning a simple QR code, people can access information such as the origin of the cotton; the locations and the methods of production, who made it, together with the journey of the yarn. The digital passport is an innovative tool that allows us to identify the product and provide information on its life cycle: from production, to distribution to disposal.

Come to our booth to find out how it works!

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