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Via Roma, 36 • 13872 Borriana BI • Italy

T (+39) 015 2447800
F (+39) 015 2447802


ITALFIL has been on the yarns market for more than 50 years, producing high-quality worsted yarns. The utmost attention to product quality and service makes ITALFIL one of the world leaders in the sector.Main applications are:

•   Green Line: it’s Italfil response to the ever increasing attention of the market towards the issue of sustainability. Wool is skillfully blended with recycled and / or compostable fibers to create innovative products that are able to respond to the end consumer’s need for a product with reduced environmental impact.

•   Technical blends: performance, comfort and innovation are the constants at the base of Italfil’s ongoing R&D process in the development of new articles that combine the properties of wool with other technically advanced fibers.

•   Underwear and circular knitting: that requires uniformity, cleanliness and colour precision as well as the best raw materials on the market. Italfil offers a dedicated stock service item. Among these there is “SOFFIO”, a yarn in pure wool with “mercerized” treated fiber for tech fabrics that combines natural fibres and easy care.

•   Hosiery: with a wide stock service availability in the most classic yarns (e.g. in blend with polyamide, silk) and some special blend (e.g. Tencel, Thermolite).

•   Sportswear: where there is a need for functional fibres, wool ensures greater results than traditional artificial fibres, guaranteeing performance in terms of thermoregulation, comfort and breathability.

•   Seamless: with a stock service offered in both torsion S&Z in different blends and counts.

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