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Creative Dialogues curated by Gianni Bologna

Filo 60th edition


Today, as in the past, we haven’t yielded to the temptation to distill any forecast for future from current alembics.

The alchemical process we are hinting at is something instrinsically linked to the result given nowadays, exactly when it comes to reality, in the ‘present’ which has become the only ‘time’ we have, beating and ruling the rhythm of our way of life. Not starting from now.

By distilling many elements, we have tried to draw some images representing juxtappositions of some aesthetic traditions.

These are not the ‘hybridizations’, about which so much has been said, but rather the creation of combinations representing somehow the general aesthetic lines that can be found in those countries which are thousands of kilometer apart or belong to different ages, which are divided by huge time distance, but which bring some characteristics typical of a secret common heritage that still survive. All this by respecting both the source of inspiration and the stimula that, according to us, have generated it, without any improvised and careless mix, typical of another common place distinguishing our time: the ‘melting pot’.

The real (and difficult) challenge for today’s aesthetics (not just the one related to textile industry) is developing symbolic shapes and colours for our time and spreading them as in the past, for some requests which have been extended up to become tradition.

The alchemy which is particularly needed, according to us, is accepting beauty’s morphing with the one which is often considered as disharmony and distilling shapes and colours that generate an ‘elsewhere’ of the taste intended to become a daily lived experience.


We are mixing dreams and needs, positive expectations, unavoidable necessities and limits to impose in a game of distorting mirrors, just enough to think of innovative products which are both high-performance and full of aesthetic news and ethic commitment in favour of the environment, but without overlooking a hint of satisfaction and fun that are inseparable from product-suit.


We are distilling together two traditions made of linearity and minimalism which are just appearently on the opposite sides: the African one, which entails a vision stubbornly linked to Earth’s materials, and the Japanese one, based on the thousand-year old processing of matters and highly sophisticated shapes, but combined together in an engaging and naturally elegant aesthetics, , without any frill or redudant burden.


We are creating an elixir of superfluous and hyper-descriptive shapes as the expression of a never faded desire to go beyond the schemes which, differently from running out in the past, periodically arise into new shapes that have been changed by the desire of visual richness, escape, science fiction and hyper-modern fairy narrations. It represents a willingness to overcome the limits and to state that the freedom to go ‘beyond’ can have its own reason to exist.


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