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via Ghiaie, 55 · 24018 Villa D’Almè BG · Italy

T (+39) 035 634011
F (+39) 035 634067

LINIFICIO E CANAPIFICIO NAZIONALE SRL Società Benefit · A Company of Marzotto Lab srl

Sales Manager: Maurizio Colzani   

Respect for tradition and a marked disposition towards the future are part of the DNA of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale. The company believes excellence is defined not only in the production of exceptionally fine yarns obtained with increasingly innovative machines but also because its production process follows the logic of the circular economy.

Beauty, innovation and sustainability have all equal dignity at Linificio, which recognises its responsibility for leaving to future generations not only the aesthetic qualities of a product and the genius of innovation in the production process but also the well-being of those same generations.

For this very reason, the company has a circular-type organisation, whereby the flax and hemp that are discarded during the normal production process and of no further use in the production cycle, are recovered and reused as secondary raw material in the production of other products, though not necessarily textiles. An oustanding example of industrial symbiosis.

Furthermore, more than 50% of the electricity used in the production of its yarns comes from renewable sources, even reaching 100% in Italy.

Fully aware of its responsibility in leading the industry towards a more sustainable future, the company has embarked on GOTS certification (it is one of the very few producers of yarn from organic raw material) and OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Due to continuous research and the ability to design and build the machines used to produce its own yarns, Linificio can boast of being:

– the inventor of linen yarn for knitwear

– the only producer of Nm 110 linen yarn, the thinnest in the world

– the inventor of the first stretch linen yarn with corespun technology (patent)

– the only producer of yarn with trichromatic effect, as well as among the very few producers of linen mélange and jaspè yarns

– the only producer of yarn with a predominance of pure linen, but intimately blended with other fibres, such as, silk, cashmere, alpaca, modal, cotton, nylon, etc., with the aim of producing a fabric in some cases technical and in other cases more suitable for winter

– the manufacturer of linen yarn with the widest range of products, from Nm 1.8 to Mn 110, dyed yarns, printed yarns, linen chenille, fancy yarns, etc.

– the only linen yarn producer in the world that developed, in 2020, together with the seeds expert Terre de Lin, a technique to make linen yarn the way it used to be made 60 years ago. Terre the Lin started from the selection of the seeds and Linificio followed up with a production process that does not use chemicals. The fabric attains a quality that is very close to that our grandparents knew, and which today is impossible to replicate.

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