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Creative Dialogues curated by Gianni Bologna

Filo 59th edition


Beyond the rigid system of the old rationalism and the resulting imperatives of compulsive consumerism which have now become unbearable for some time, we are witnessing to an unavoidable care for the Environment, that implicates a consequent and contemporary sense of re-enchantment of nature.

Someway, a similar process has been developing in parallel: the re-enchantment of human being and consumers’ EGO, with a strong sense of singularity and uniqueness of the people themselves.

All this occurs in kaleidoscopic manners of self-creation which aim at shaping the idea of surrounding world, but also at activating a contemporary and continuous re-formatting of the own image to the outside.

Nowadays, the charm for the unknown, the challenge and the incentive caused by ‘unknown lands’ of ancient maps and portolan charts (where everyone could project each kind of narrations and desire to ‘conquer’) have been replaced by the personal, fantastic/imaginative self-creation of ‘certainties’ that neither previous past nor experience can attest more.
All their replacements are now available in the virtual reality of Web and metaverse which, by definition, represent the realm of imaginary creations. For our ‘textile’ point of view, the consequences can be proven daily in the streets and on the catwalks.

The current re-enchantment is different from ‘magic’, somehow already regulated, formally adopted in the shapes, and ‘socially’ shared in force in the past. It shares the clear separation between the vast majority of the real and the image, but the ‘desire’ reigns supreme, disconnected from real conditions and it is risen to self-created leader.
Therefore, pervasive communication and virtual reality of the aforementioned Metaverse contribute to the current re-enchantment of current world.

In this context, it is appropriate to talk about IMAGINATION.
This is a wide theme which leaves space for thousands creative facets.
We have tried to develop some examples without separating them from the BEAUTY, considering that it is an essential and consubstantial characteristic of textile world and Italian taste.
Taking comfort from the latest news which attribute the first signs of ‘boredom’ (if it was still necessary) to the ‘explorers’, maybe as proof that the only possible dimension for the TRUE human imagination is the REAL one.


Maps which are sometimes hard to trace in the reality, but which are often present while daydreaming, showing the ways to find the ideal landscape.


Portolan charts useful not to sailors in calm or stormy oceans so much, but rather to imaginary seas for landing in beaches that we would like they could really exist.


Air routes for imagination’s gliders and creativity and desires’ parachutes.
Through clear skies where everything is clearly more visible.


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