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The Chinese market unveiled by the Ice-Agency


Filo will be in Shanghai on 13, 14 and 15 October at the Milano Unica China: a choice that is part of Filo strategy to promote the internationalization of the exhibiting companies. The Chinese market offers great growth opportunities, provided that one knows its features and peculiarities.

Although the made in italy is highly appreciated by the home market of the second world economy (and it’s rising steeply), it is also true that the Italian businesses of the fashion system are often small-sized companies which may lack the necessary information and knowledge to deal with such a faraway country, both in geographical and cultural terms.  This is why the Ice Agency and the Fondazione Italia Cina have developed a training course for those companies which want to approach the Chinese market in a structured way. The course is divided into three steps: classroom, consultancy service at the company, study tour. The courses will begin in September 2015 and finish in January 2016. For more info, please write to

FILONewsletter n. 34, 22nd july 2015

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