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“Made in Italy” takes flight with Alitalia

It is no longer Italy’s national airline and many people choose happily low cost flights today, nevertheless Alitalia continues to be viewed as the “face” of Italy abroad. And that explains why the change of uniforms of ground staff and flight attendants has become a national event. A launch in a big way added to the effect, too.

Designed by Ettore Bilotta, new Alitalia uniforms had their debut on flights a week ago. Bilotta draw his inspiration from the Fifties and Sixties – two decades of glory for Italian fashion – in addition to the invaluable Italian cultural heritage and to national identity.

Bilotta used red colour as a symbol of Italian passion and green to represent landscapes and then cultural and historical asset of the country. Aiming at higher comfort and practicality, fabrics for the uniforms were made of fine Italian wool for 96% and elastane for the remaining 4%. The outfits are rigorously Made in Italy and their production describes a brief Tour of Italy: female uniforms have been packaged in Lombardy with fabrics coming from Tuscany and silk which had been processed in Como. While the stewards’ ones have been manufactured in Apulia. Leather accessories come from Naples, while shoes from Marche.

Biella, 15 june 2016

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