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“Madeincolours” and dyes become traceable

What “colouring” do you have? This is a question that consumers should ask for all apparel products (and not only) they are about to buy, since some of the colouring used in items which had been imported from non-EU countries could be harmful for health.

But how is possible to understand where a product has been coloured and then decide whether to buy it or not? “Madeincolours”, the label which guarantee safe colouring of products, was created just to meet this need for clarity.

“Madeincolours” project, in defence of the consumers’ right to information, is a brilliant idea by Michela Kahlberg and it allows to trace garments and coloured products within the EU. It is a recognisable trust mark that can be applied to any products, with a label being matched with a QR code, thanks to which it is possible to obtain instant information about the product.

Many Italian dyeing mills have already adhered to this project, in particular in the area of Biella (among which there is Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 of Marco Bardelle, the president of PoinTex) and in the area of Prato.

Biella, 1 june 2016

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