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First edition of Filo Shanghai: the companies introduce themselves

The first edition of Filo Shanghai will be held between 13 and 15 October 2015 in the Hall 6.2, Hallway N at the National Exhibition and Convention Center of the Chinese city.
Filo is at the Asian event as part of Milano Unica, although in a separate area with its reserved access and a layout specifically designed to make the space dedicated to yarns immediately recognizable.

Seven businesses have acceded to the first edition of Filo Shanghai: Davifil, Filatura C4, Filatura Pettinata Luisa 1966, Ghezzi, Monvania, Ongetta, Servizi e Seta.

Filo brings to Shanghai the same formula and the same features, which in over twenty years have made it the key trade fair for made in Italy weaving yarns at International level.
“The first edition of Filo Shanghai is an exciting project which has been achieved only thanks to the active contribution of Carlo Calenda, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and the Ice Agency, as well as to the support of Silvio Albini, past president of Milano Unica, and of Sistema Moda Italia.
Through their step-by-step support, Filo has been able to offer its exhibitors the opportunity to take part in this important event for the Italian textile chain”. Adds Monfermoso: “Filo supports the aim of the Deputy Minister Carlo Calenda, of introducing the Italian trade fairs united to the foreign markets because they represent the feather in the cap of the textile system quality and style and of the made in Italy fashion system. The collaboration that we have established with Milano Unica is indeed a concrete example, which today enables us to introduce the excellence and innovation of the whole Italian textile chain to the Asian buyers”. To conclude, Monfermoso states: “With regard to Filo, our prime objective is to offer our exhibitors concrete business opportunities, by focusing on the highest quality of their products; and Filo Shanghai is another occasion to reaffirm this guiding principle. The seven companies participating in the first edition of Filo Shanghai – with their diversified productions and the expectations with which they address the Asian markets – perfectly represent the research and the ability to innovate of the Italian spinning. I am also pleased to stress that they come from different production areas (what we call “districts”), thus confirming the need for a compact textile system to access International markets together, beyond any form of regional pride”.

What are the reasons that led the seven companies to participate in the first Filo Shanghai edition? And which products will they exhibit at the Asian fair?

At Davifil they take the view that the market is increasingly characterized by a “new normality” with sudden ups and downs. Internationalization has, therefore, become almost a must for the companies which must seize valuable opportunities like the one provided by Filo Shanghai”. As far as the products displayed in the stand are concerned, the company has always been committed to producing high quality yarns for a successful use in many different sectors, from clothing to furnishing, in the firm belief that research and creativity are the key factors leading to true innovation. The most recent example is the research of yarns in 100% soybean fibre and soybean fibre blended with animal fibres (wool, silk, mohair) and natural fibres (cotton, ramie, bamboo).

For Filatura C4 the participation in Filo Shanghai “is our first time in the Chinese market and we are pleased to do so with a joint exhibition of the made in Italy. We welcomed this initiative because Filo collects the excellence of yarns and this was an opportunity that we couldn’t miss”. Filatura C4 yarns address in particular the contract furnishing market, and therefore, they are characterized by innovation and performance: they are stain-resistant, rub-resistant and fire-proof, to mention just a few. In Shanghai the company also presents some yarns from the Re.verso project for the supply chain based on the innovative reuse of waste materials. Of particular importance is the Re.Play yarn, made using Re.verso wool, virgin wool and flame retardant viscose.

At Filatura pettinata Luisa 1966 the decision to take part in the first edition of Filo Shanghai is the response to two types of argument. On the one side, the company has been active in the Asian market for some years now, by attending fair events, which are however, more knitwear-oriented. This is why the idea of Filo Shanghai has been enthusiastically welcomed, whose core business is based on weaving yarns. On the other side, the decision is based on a broader view and the awareness that “exhibiting in foreign markets an Italian supply chain that is united and unified is a winning choice for all companies of the whole system. Even better, we do hope that in a near future this event may welcome not only Milano Unica weavers, but also the garment-makers because the brand alone does not suffice any longer downstream – there is a need for genuine quality and innovation, as well as for transparency and traceability”. Filatura Luisa 1966 brings to Shanghai its combed yarns in noble fibres, both pure and blended, with proposals that go beyond season different needs, less important in Asian markets compared to the European ones.

“An opportunity not to be missed for a company like ours, specialized in highly technological yarns”: this is how at Ghezzi SpA the participation in Filo Shanghai is considered. Founded in 1949 as a twisting mill specialized in the processing of pure silk, the company produces now continuous, artificial and synthetic threads. The highly innovative technologies employed ensure quality and market success for the company, which is among the European leaders. Ghezzi has a wide production range, including twisted, stretch and fancy yarns in man-made and natural fibre. Just as wide is also the use of the company’s yarns, ranging from clothing to furnishing. There are also yarns for the technical and industrial sector. “At Filo Shanghai we propose various types of yarns to provide the Asian buyers with examples of our production and research ability combined with our capability to respond to specific customers’ requests”.

Monvania is specialized in the processing of continuous, artificial and synthetic yarns for the textile world. “We have always invested having in mind our goal of diversifying and specializing the production in order to offer the European market very sophisticated, or even exclusive and refined yarns” – they explain – “We felt that Filo Shanghai were a great opportunity to make our products known also in complex and distant markets, like the Chinese and Asian ones”. Today, Monvania – with the various collections under Filcomo label – proposes twisted, texturized, taslan, stretch, folded, spiral, fancy yarns and yarns for technical textile. Such a wide variety is suitable for many different sectors, from women’s and men’s wear to furnishing.

At Ongetta they say that “Filo Shanghai provides a valuable opportunity to better understand the needs and demands of Asian markets. Even more so for a company like ours where silk processing has been a family business since the early 20th century and where many efforts have always been made to better understand the origin countries of silk by establishing direct relationships with the producers. We are particularly interested in looking at possible collaboration with Chinese and Asian producers of medium to high quality textiles”. Today, besides continuous silk, Ongetta also produces and markets staple silk yarns (schappe, tussah and burette) and a wide range of mixed yarns. The main outlet is high quality clothing, thanks to the close collaboration that Ongetta establishes with its customers, which enables prompt responses to their requests with products that combined style and research.

At Servizi e Seta they explain the choice to accede to Filo Shanghai as follows: “Today the world is changing at ever-increasing high speed, and a company must be able to understand and interpret these changes just as promptly. This is at the base of our decision to take part in Filo Shanghai, which represents an additional opportunity to present our collections to the Asian markets. Servizi e Seta has been present in these markets for some years now, but Filo Shanghai gives us the possibility to exhibit our products in the wider context of the made in Italy production chain”. In particular, here in Shanghai Servizi e Seta proposes its stock service products and linen yarns blended with silk or wool, supported by a comprehensive customer service aimed at studying the most suitable solutions for all needs.

Biella, 13 october 2015

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