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The 55th edition of Filo has been canceled


The 55th edition of Filo, scheduled for February 24-25, 2021 at MiCo – Milano Convention Centre, has been canceled.
The decision was compelled by the decree of the Italian Prime Minister, published on the 14th of January 2021, which suspends – throughout Italy – trade-fairs, events and congresses at least until March 5, 2021. The provision makes it objectively impossible for the 55th edition of Filo to take place.
Filo is aware of the problems resulting from the decision to cancel the 55th edition of Filo for all the operators involved, but the organization can only comply with the public authorities’ decisions.
To cancel the 55th edition of Filo is therefore a decision due to force majeure, taken with great regret.
Filo will continue to remain alongside the exhibiting companies in supporting their activities and in promoting the yarns of excellence.

Filo has presented the 55th edition


The 55th edition of Filo has been presented to operators and the press today through a webinar which had a large audience. The International Exhibition of Yarns and Fibres for orthogonal weaving, circular knitting and technical fabrics will be held on Wednesday the 24th and Thursday the 25th of February 2021 at MiCo – Milan Convention Centre (via Gattamelata 5, Milan).

As usual, the meeting consisted of two parts: during the first one, Mr. Paolo Monfermoso, General Manager of Filo, explained the objectives and the new projects of the Exhibition, while during the second part Gianni Bologna (creativity and style supervisor for Filo) described product development proposals for the 55th edition of Filo.

In his speech, Mr. Paolo Monfermoso did not hide the difficulties and the uncertainties which are still affecting textile industry: “Just because we are going through a difficult situation, our industry should increase its efforts to continue to propose the excellence of our supply chain in an international panorama. In this context, physically attended exhibitions play a fundamental role: for the companies which participate in, they represent an essential tool for promotion and communication, the privileged place where to meet both new and long-standing customers. This applies especially for the companies upstream of the production process, as it is the case with the exhibitors of Filo. Is it with this aim that we are working for the edition of Filo to be held on February 2021: we want to give life to an Exhibition which is increasingly focusing on concreteness and the ability to make possible the meeting between demand and supply of yarns of excellence, in order to give international visibility to the companies which believe in quality, careful treatments, sustainability of products and production processes.”

Mr. Monfermoso then focused on the high participation recorded by the online presentation of the 55th edition of Filo: “The webinar formula highlights the choice of presenting product development proposals through a mix of live speeches and pre-recorded videos. On the other hand, it allows us to reach all interested people in Italy and abroad in a single occasion and in a simple, effective and rapid way, from exhibitors to style offices and the press. Digital is a channel that allows us to dialogue with a much wider audience than the one that traditionally followed our meetings in Biella, Milano, Prato, thus confirming its usefulness in supporting the fair “in presence”.”

Developed by Gianni Bologna, the product development proposals of the 55th edition of Filo, under the title “Single tickets”, are divided into three sections: Re-creating, Re-thinking, Re-starting. Mr. Bologna says: “If we want to find the positive aspect in the difficult situation of today, we could find them within the stimulus which may arise to generate a new connection with labour conditions or with our nature itself. The problem is not to find novelties, but rather to give new values to the existing situations, or even better, to re-elaborate and re-consider the things that we already know how to do. In the three sections that make up “Single tickets” we find garments with no season and no time which express reassuring continuity with our handcrafted and artistic manual traditions. What we do not find is “exhibition” as an end in itself, but a nearly extremist discretion, with fabrics which are both elegant and anti-elegant, but most of all “convincing”. Last but not least, we have a hybrid style which uses urban sportswear comfort, blending it with sophisticated lines and materials for “special occasion” formal garments.

The product development proposals are available on Filo website at

Biella, December 15, 2020

Press and Communication Office
EA Team Elena Aravecchia
Via Muratori 55 – Milano
Tel.: 3396473377 – 3683087865

Filo webinar on December 15: how to register


The presentation of the 55th edition of Filo is scheduled for Tuesday December 15 at 10.30am. The
meeting will take place in webinar mode. To participate, it is therefore necessary to register via the
m=necessario%20accreditarsi%20attraverso%20il%20link by December 10.
Later, Filo will send to registered people a communication with the link to connect to the webinar.
The online meeting for the presentation of the 55th edition of Filo consists, as usual, of two parts. In
the first part, Mr. Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, will show operators the news about
the February 2021 appointment. The second part will be reserved to the product development
proposals elaborated for the 55th edition of Filo by Mr. Gianni Bologna, Filo’s creativity and style
manager. The theme for the 55th edition of Filo is “Single tickets”, using three key words: re-creating, rethinking and re-starting.
The 55th edition of Filo will take place on the 24th and 25th of February 2021 at MiCo – Milano
Convention Centre, in Milan.

Biella, December 2nd 2020
Press Office and Communication
EA Team Elena Aravecchia
Via Muratori 55 – Milano
Tel.: 3396473377 – 3683087865

Save the date: on December 15 Filo presents the 55th edition


On Tuesday December 15, 2020 – at 10.30am – Filo presents its 55th edition in a webinar.

In the first part of the online meeting, Mr. Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, will show operators the news about the February 2021 appointment. The second part of the meeting will be reserved to the product development proposals elaborated for the 55th edition of Filo by Mr. Gianni Bologna, Filo’s creativity and style manager.

The presentation of the exhibition and the product development proposals will be the first stage of the path leading to the 55th edition of Filo, scheduled at MiCo – Milan Convention Centre – on the 24th and 25th of February 2021.

Filo has chosen to host the presentation of December 15 through a webinar, partly because of the many limitations related to health emergency, but especially because the online event highlights the new way to present the product development proposals, which includes live speeches and previously registered videos.

The theme for the 55th edition of Filo chosen by Mr. Gianni Bologna (responsible for Filo’s creativity and style) is “Single tickets”, using three key words: re-creating, re-thinking and re-starting.

To take part in the event organised by Filo, information will be given through a next press release.

Filo at work for the 55th edition


Despite some uncertainties related to the resurgence of Covid-19, Filo does not give up its role as the leading international exhibition for the yarn industry and begins planning its 55th edition, scheduled on the 24th and 25th of February 2021 at MiCo – Milan Convention Centre.

In view of the 55th edition of Filo, the first step will be, as usual, the presentation of product development proposals, which will take place in December through a webinar.

Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, explains: “The presentation of product development proposals is a situation where digital tools are an added value for our fair. Even beyond the current travelling difficulties, the webinar enables us to reach, at one time and in a simple, efficient and quick way, all those people who are interested in participating, in Italy and abroad, from exhibitors to style department officers and journalists. Figures on the rate of participation in July webinar for the presentation of the 54th edition of Filo show how this channel allowed us to talk to a wider audience, compared to the one that traditionally participated in Biella, Milan and Prato meetings”.

Mr. Monfermoso adds: “From our point of view, the opposite is true when we come to the presentation of exhibiting companies’ products: in this case, the show in attendance is essential. Virtual exhibitions, in fact, are not enough to show all the qualities of a textile product and the great creativity of our companies that is at the basis. In addition, virtual exhibitions fail to account for the flexibility and adaptability that exhibiting companies put at the service of their customers. In October Filo was a further confirmation of this concept, also for its ability to demonstrate the desire and tenacity with which the exhibiting companies intend to respond to the crisis caused by the pandemic, resuming together – from a supply chain perspective – the path of growth.”

The 55th edition of Filo will take place on the 24th and 25th of February 2021 at Mico – Milano Convention Center (via Gattamelata 5, Milano).

Positives results for the 54th edition of Filo


The 54th edition of Filo, the international exhibition of yarns and fibres, closed today with positive results, despite the difficult situation the textile industry is facing.

Mr. Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, said: “The 54th edition of Filo closed with positive results, which have been achieved during a very difficult economic situation. In this edition, there were 70 exhibitors, while the number of visitors were higher than expected, and foreign buyers too, especially from France, also thanks to the cooperation with ITA-Agency. For the yarns’ industry, the 54th edition of Filo has represented the first chance to come back to the “fair in attendance” and it has affirmed the will of companies to re-start, the desire to meet each other again and to get back to growth’s path together. In other words, Filo has confirmed that virtual fairs are not enough to show the great creativity of our companies, their work of continuous research and their ability to customise solutions, finding the most adequate one for each client: all this is achieved only through the crucial moment of a physical fair. The autumn edition of Filo has also been the first to take place at Mi-Co, Milan Convention Centre: the choice of the new venue enabled us to enlarge the spaces, giving more visibility to the Trend Area. In addition, Mi-Co enabled us also to comply with the rules on social distancing, ensuring to exhibitors and visitors a total safe presence at Filo. FiloFlow, the sustainability project of Filo, continues to attract great success. The number of participating exhibitors is constantly increasing from one edition to the next, and now the project involves the most part of the exhibiting companies. This reflect our exhibitors’ commitment to the issue and their growing desire to communicate to external parties all the progresses made in the field.”
Mr. Monfermoso added: “In conclusion, the two days of the 54th edition of Filo have been intense, animated by the passion of our companies: they have shown a real will to restart, based on the enhancement of unique production, that is the result of experience and the unmistakable workmanship that is the trademark of the Italian textile manufacture”.

Despite not being able to personally participate in the 54th edition of Filo, Lucia Azzolina, Minister for Education, sent a video-message where she highlighted how her Minister is committed to implement, especially in relation to technical and professional education, ““consistent and updated didactic proposals designed to meet companies” needs. Here comes the support and the strengthening of Higher Technical Institutes (ITS), an educational model which continues to grow and convince”“.
Two special visits have enriched the first day of the 54th edition of Filo: the yarns” exhibition has been visited by Elena Chiorino, Councillor for Training, Education and Employment of Piedmont Region, and by Massimo Giletti, the famous journalist, television presenter and author. Giovanni Vietti, President of Unione Industriale Biellese, has visited the fair too.
Councillor Chiorino commented: “Filo is an extremely interesting fair, proposing products which show the expertise of companies focused on quality and sustainability. Therefore, it is key that Italy defines an industrial policy, on the basis of which investments on innovation and training should be set, particularly on technical education, to ensure to the companies the necessary skills for their development”. Mr. Massimo Giletti visited Filo playing a special role, since his family company was one of the exhibiting companies and he stressed how “Filo represents the Italy which does not live in subventions” world. This is the Italy which does not give up, that does not de-localize and that today wants to re-start.”

Exhibitors’ comments at the end of the second day expressed the satisfaction for the work carried out during the 54th edition of Filo.

Pietro Giovane from Forza Giovane Art – one of the companies that participated in the 54th edition of Filo in the new section “Services and accessories for companies”. “This is our first time at Filo, an interesting fair in many aspects. We are here by bringing our long tradition of trimming, but we are looking to the future. Future indeed lies in young people, and we work with threads to create a new beauty”.

Christian Spiritu from Davifil: “For us the 54th Filo edition has been positive, considering also the extremely delicate moment that this sector is living. We have registered a high number of visitors, foreign ones too, especially from France and Portugal. Our company proposes a wide range of high-quality products. We aim at producing natural products, propose recycled yarns and work with non-dyed wool waste”.

Emanuele Giletti from Giletti spa: “This is our first time at Filo, but our opinion about the fair is extremely positive. We have received visits from usual clients, but we also have had new contacts, very concrete ones. We also find that the location chosen by Filo was excellent, very functional and equipped with adequate services. Among the products which drew attention, I want to mention our regenerated cotton to be matched with Lurex or lamè yarns”.

Alberto Bordin from Marfil: “The exhibition performed well, we have met our usual customers, but also new ones. We are very happy with the new location, which is surely more suitable for a fair as Filo is. As far as our products are concerned, we have expanded our range, adding to the classic lame, that has already become increasingly finer, softer, and more resistant to dyeing treatments, a range of refracting yarns ranging from bare strips accounting for 1/100, 1/69 in width, up to 2mm to gimped yarns with nylon or polyester to make them more resistant”.

Elisa Salimbeni from Filatura Alma: “Customers’ flow has been higher than expectations for this 54th Filo edition. We have also appreciated the new location, which enabled us to enlarge our booth. Even during this hard time, we have continued to work looking for a continuous technical innovation, resulting from our expertise within the textile industry, our work and the passion of qualified technicians and the continuity of corporate strategies”.

Anna Garavaglia from Annitex: “We are strongly satisfied; buyers” visits were continuous along the two days of fair. We are happy with the new location: personally, I really liked the natural light distinguishing the previous location, but here at MiCo there are areas which result to be perfect for exhibiting companies. Our company proposes cotton yarns and natural fibres, dyed and fancy ones, single, twisted, compacted, gassed, mercerized and crêpe ones for knitting weaving and orthogonal weaving. The whole production is carried out in Italy and it is absolutely trackable”.

Maurizio Mancini from Tintoria Mancini: “Filo gave a strong signal for re-starting, that this sector needed. The edition resulted to be very positive, at Filo we have met lots of our clients, who are exhibitors too. As dyeing mill, we are strongly committed in spreading the concept of sustainability, that in Biella’s territory is particularly virtuous. And we are doing it with our campaign #aspassoconlapecora (#goingoutwiththeship), which aims at making people understanding the production process of wool, whose dyeing is an essential step. There is a lot of diffidence towards dyeing mills; people think that these processes are particularly polluting, while people working in Italy comply with severe rules. We are personally focused on a production process that allows us to give back to the nature what we take from it”.

Elena Zaffalon from R di S: “Our company is a family firm, which today is run by the third generation. This is our first time at Filo and the satisfaction for these two days at Filo has gone beyond all expectations. Our company is dedicated to those treatments prior to spinning; therefore, our customers are spinners and weavers. For this reason, we have prepared a video explaining our production process, to make clients understanding the quality that we are able to ensure in our production’s pipeline, which start from worsted tops to the cone ready for weaving”.

Francesco Bianchetti from I Cotoni di Albini: “Despite the premises resulting from a difficult moment, I think that this Filo edition has been very positive, not just in relation to the number of buyers who visited our booth, but for their quality. We have appreciated the new location, which is easier to reach and it allows a functional arrangement of booths. As far as our supply is concerned, the new Biofusion yarn has been particularly appreciated: it comes from a long activity of research and selection of the best materials; it is GOTS certified and scientifically 100% tracked”.

Giovanni Marchi from Marchi e Fildi thinks that “Compared to the expectations linked to this moment, of course it has been a positive Filo edition; we have met many clients, usual and new ones. The change of location is absolutely a step forward which laid down the foundations for the growth of the Exhibition in the future. We are still working on research and innovation and we are strongly focused on our range of sustainable products”.

Anna Adami from Ghezzi: “During the two days of Filo, we have worked the same as during past editions: this is a very positive result which goes beyond expectations. We think that the new location is certainly more suitable for a fair as Filo is, more functional and comfortable”.

Franco Ravazzi from TOT: “The results that we have achieved are affected by a difficult moment. Anyway, we have received the visit from some important companies. We have also appreciated the new exhibiting location, equipped with areas which enable to enhance exhibitors” proposals.”.

Anna Gaslini from Filatura Astro: “The first day of the fair has been very satisfying, while the second one has been calmer. Trough Filo, the sector gave a recovery’s signal, and this is definitely positive. We are also happy with the new location, which reflects the dimension of a fair that, over the years, has become a landmark at international level. Among the new products, Lyola, a yarn made in Lyocell and recycled wool under Ecolabel brand had particular success. By the way, Astro has been part of sustainable world for more than 60 years”.

Michele Tolu from Orangerix: “It has been very interesting taking part in a trade fair with a complementary service. We have experienced a positive atmosphere and a decisive enthusiasm for our proposals. We have noted great interest towards digital field, indeed there is a significant will of the companies to promote online. Therefore, B2B online promotion is now fundamental: the online presence is the same as Pagine Gialle was in the Seventies and the Eighties”.

Francesco Ferraris from Finissaggio e Tintoria Ferraris: “We are very happy to have participated in the 54th Filo edition, which marks the re-start of the sector. The presence of visitors went beyond expectations and the idea of Filo to introduce the Area “Services and Accessories for the companies” was great: it means broadening the horizons and this is positive for the whole industry. Great organisation, as usual”.

Dino Masso from Tintoria Finissaggio 2000: “We are very happy since Filo gave a recovery signal, necessary to all of us, as operators of textile world. In addition, the new location is particularly suitable for a B2B fair, as Filo is. Visits have been in line with the expectations of this difficult time”.

The 55th edition of Filo is scheduled on the 24th and 25th of February 2021 at MiCo.

The 54th Filo edition opens today at MiCo


The 54th Filo edition, the International Exhibition of Yarns and Fibres for orthogonal weaving and circular knitwear and for technical fabrics, opens today at Mico – Milan Convention Center (via Gattamelata 5). The fair will close tomorrow, on the 8th of October 2020. Filo is open from 9 am to 6 pm during the first day and from 9 am to 5 pm during the second one. At Filo there are very high-quality yarns intended for the top-of-the-range industry and products from companies whose watchwords are sustainability, research, and innovation.

Mr. Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, says: “It is with emotion that we open today the 54th edition of Filo. The past months have been difficult for our industry and for the whole textile sector, but we have maintained a continuous dialogue with the companies exhibiting at Filo, and this allows us to be the first fair of yarns’ industry which is physically carried out. Indeed, for the products exhibited at Filo, the physical fair is essential: its digital variation gives an added value, but it cannot replace the direct contact between exhibitors and clients. Of course, uncertainties on the markets are still there, However, in spite of the pandemic which continues to worry many close countries, we are satisfied with the number of exhibitors and the figures about visitors’ pre-registrations. Of course, there are some difficulties in relation to foreign buyers because of the ongoing limitations related to the arrivals from Asia and the USA and because of the high spread of the virus in France, Spain, UK, and Germany, which discourage people from travelling abroad from those countries. Together with ITA Agency – with which we continue to cooperate – we are then thinking about new solutions to involve foreign buyers.
The longstanding collaborations with Sistema Moda Italia and with Milano Unica, which paved the way for the return of the fairs in attendance and in a real teamwork today ideally passes the baton to us in the effort to strengthen the excellence of our textile supply chain. In this 54th edition of Filo, we add the institutional presence of Acimit, which shows the continuity between textile machinery manufacturers and yarn manufacturers.
The theme that inspires the 54th Filo edition is the ethical-social and environmental sustainability. A total of 68% of exhibiting companies have already joined FiloFlow, our sustainability’s project, to which a wide presence in the Trend Area is dedicated. However, sustainability is linked to another issue which is crucial for the future of the textile-apparel industry: training. We are honoured that Lucia Azzolina, the Minister for Education, has sent a video message for the opening of Filo. And we are also pleased that Elena Chiorino, the Councillor for Training, Education and Employment of Piedmont Region will visit the exhibition”. Mr. Monfermoso ends by saying: “Despite the current difficulties, we are confident that we have created the premises for a 54th Filo edition which meets, as usual, the needs and the expectations of exhibitors and visitors”.

For the 54th Filo edition, the product development proposals carried out by Gianni Bologna, manager for Filo’s creativity and style, are inspired to “Chromatic Reflections”. Gianni Bologna explains: “Being inspired by a basic and direct element like colour allows us to hint at the next behaviour of luxury’s consumption, a very important sector for Made in Italy industry: it will be oriented towards a more basic look, a ‘silent’ luxury, clearly based on the intrinsic quality of the product and its processing rather than on the show-off. This is a ‘new’ minimalism which calls for some ‘premises’: environmental knowledge, ethics, respect for the expertise on the job”.

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