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“Exporting the dolce vita” is worth several billions

website creator Good news for “beautiful and well done” products: in 2020 we will export them for a value of 16 billions to the emerging markets alone. And which are the “beautiful and well done” products, the ones for defining the Italian lifestyle the “dolce vita”? They are medium-high end consumer goods characterized by design, attention, quality of materials and processes.

“Exporting the dolce vita” is the title chosen by the Centro Studi Confindustria and Prometeia for a research on the outlooks in the food, furnishing, clothing and home textile, footwear, jewellery and glasses sectors. The results of this study show that Russia will remain the main emerging market for the beautiful and well made products of the Italian companies (3.5 billions), although in a difficult macroeconomic and political context. The Emirates will be the second market (with 3.3 billions), recording the most significant import increase (+1,3 billions). China places third ((2.2 billions) with a very strong increase in imports (+0.7 billions).


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