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The 44th edition of FILO: yarns that think future

The press conference for the presentation of the 44th edition of FILO held in Biella – introducing the first step of the road-show – mainly focused on the product development proposals elaborated by Gianni Bologna.

These are yarns that “think future” and are inspired by Leonardo, starting from the assumption that innovation and creativity are the only drive behind the entire textile chain, from fibre to finished garment.

The 44th edition of FILO

What are the materials and processes that will characterize the coming seasons? Bologna proposed four themes (The age of man as person; The age of machines; The age of competition as common fight; The age of botanical rarities), which develop light weights, natural fibres also in sophisticated hybridization with man made or used as base for finishing reworking such as printing and spreading. A great variety of flowers and nature in general, for decorations on jacquard or voile, see-through knitwear and feminine georgette, and also on more casual quality types for agreeable, uninhibited menswear.

The product development proposals are at disposal online, in the section “Trends” of the website

Le proposte sviluppo prodotto sono visibili online sul sito alla sezione “Trends”.

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