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Counterfeiting: Gucci leaves IACC

After Michael Kors, Gucci has decided to leave the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition: the organisation, based in Washington and devoted to act against fake goods and counterfeiting, had indeed accepted among its members Alibaba, the big Chinese digital market.

The controversy between Gucci and Alibaba about the online commercialization of copied products or fakes goes on for a long time, so much that the American branch of the group has filed a suit in New York against the Chinese platform. However, Alibaba is a giant within the digital market: in 2015 transactions accounting for 248 billion dollar moved across its websites, while estimates for 2017 show that Chinese digital market should reach moving 713 billion dollar as a whole.

Basing on these results, Alibaba has been accepted within the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition, a non profit organisation founded in 1979 which today gathers more than 250 members, including Chanel, Google, Luxottica and Nike. The president of the organisation justified the entry of Alibaba asserting that ‘Our members should be an integral part of the solution to fight against counterfeiting’.

Biella, 18 may 2016

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