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Three press conferences and a goal for Filo


June is starting and it’s the month when the 46th edition of Filo is officially introduced to exhibitors and professionals within the textile industry. The three Filo’s press conferences are important dates since on those occasions the textile themes of the 2016 autumnal exhibition will be outlined in details, with the explanation of products development proposals. However, these are fundamental dates especially because they allow carrying out a direct dialogue between Filo and professionals (especially exhibitors).

The press conferences for the presentation of Filo’s next edition will be held in three crucial cities for Italian textile system: Biella (on the 20th of June at 10.30 am), Milan (on the 21st of June at 10.30 am) and Prato (on the 23rd of June at 2.30 pm). “Telling” the exhibition – the only B2B exhibition dedicated to high-end products – and describing in details textile themes developed by Gianni Bologna are reasons enough to make the press conferences an unmissable opportunity. However, for Filo’s organisers there is a further reason to consider them as an essential date: the opportunity to listen directly from the attending professionals the needs, suggestion and demands of companies participating in Filo.

An important medium of the continued dialogue between Filo and companies is certainly the FiloNewsLetter. Published now for more than two years, Filo’s magazine reaches today a first goal: 50 issues. Along these two years, FiloNewsletter has become the tool which allowed readers to follow Filo and its initiatives not just during the exhibition’s days, but all year round, since Filo could truly be defined “the exhibition open for business all year round”.

Biella, 1 june 2016

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