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Biella applies for UNESCO creative cities network

Beauty, sustainability and comfort: three elements on which the success of Biella textile culture worldwide lays on, to which it should be added the technical perfection given by the know-how of the territory: these are the elements on which the city has focused its application for the international UNESCO Creative Cities, under the category Crafts & Folk Arts.

The official announcement concerning the application for the acknowledgement of UNESCO creative cities network has been given by the mayor of Biella, Mr. Marco Cavicchioli and by the president of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella, Mr. Franco Ferraris. The medium-long term objective of “project wool” is to know how to interpret in a modern and attractive way not just the excellence of Biella’s industry, but also the beauty and the style-life of the whole Biella-system through the emotional narration of strong themes. Therefore, UNESCO application is part of a wider territorial project which aims at enhancing the creative story of Biella area, the mastery and the innovation of textile universe, within UNESCO circuit reserved to world excellences in different sectors of creativity. Carlo Piacenza, president of Unione Industriale Biellese, commented: “Being able to enhance Biella textile heritage like Langhe has done with food excellence represents an important goal for the territory. Our district boasts a centennial business culture, unique of its kind, and an industrial framework of high value, thanks to the ‘know-how’ connecting the past and the present; it is a district that has always made creativity its special characteristic. Therefore, it is fundamental to tell what is behind a product, a story which represents a precious added value of our textile industry’.

Biella, 24th october 2018

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