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Tollegno 1900 together with Sandonini for the shoes of the future

Wool, the oldest and most natural fibre in the world, versatile and suitable even for the most advanced and creative applications. Tollegno 1900 knows it well and continues to explore increasingly avant-garde lands in the world of fashion and accessories. An example? The creation of the innovative and amazing ShoeSocks, a concept created by Sandonini, a leading company in the textile machinery sector from Brescia.

It is an innovative 3D footwear, a two-in-one shoe-sock: a single shoe upper integrated with the sole with no seams, totally customizable with knit stitches, colours, styles, and different models. An ideal testing ground for Harmony 4.0 (in the 2/30 version), the innovative yarn by Tollegno 1900, which offers the maximum in terms of resistance, performance, and water-repellent capacity. The idea of testing Harmony 4.0 on the ShoeSocks collection was born.

“We are proud to have been chosen for this very innovative project,” comments Lincoln Germanetti, CEO of Tollegno 1900, “because it allows us to show the strengths of our yarn in an unusual trendy product for wool, ideal in a market that is in constant evolution”.

Biella, 24th october 2018

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