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An innovative alliance between luxury and sustainability

‘Luxury among innovation and new alliances’: that was the title of the first working day of the 9th ‘Luxury Summit, organised by Sole-24Ore with the goal of opening a debate on the present and especially on the future of a sector where Italy has a leadership (and market shares) to defend and increase.

Carlo Capasa, president of the Fashion Chamber, and Claudio Marenzi, president of Smi and Confindustria Moda, have opened the works at the ‘Luxury Summit’. Capasa reaffirmed successes of Made in Italy in terms of exports, highlighting that ‘this is a record to be maintained and this means catching challenges as digitalisation and sustainability’. Since if the objective is to grow, the strategy to do that is making Italy ‘not just the country of the beautiful and the well-made, but also the country of the sustainability’s respect’. A ‘authentic and calculable sustainability, which includes the whole pipeline, from the production to the retail’. We will have a first demonstration of this during the Milan Fashion Week held in September, involving the entire city with installations and events. Also Claudio Marenzi reaffirmed the importance of the concept of supply chain’s sustainability, adding that: ‘Not only we trace the path of a garment, but we also valuate its energetic consumption. Garment’s traceability and circular economy are fundamental themes, especially when talking with millennials, sensitive to sustainability and to prices too. However, sustainability has its costs and we must be aware of this’.

Biella, 31 may 2017

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