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Yarns of “great effect” by Pozzi Electa

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All rigorously ‘made Italy’ products by Pozzi Electa, which offer to customers that mix of creativity, efficiency, experience and quality that allow to obtain a fast replay to the needs of an increasingly difficult and aggressive global market.

At the 45th edition of Filo, Pozzi Electa presents a (winter) collection whose strength is a mix of fibres with different dyeing affinities, in order to obtain ruffled and random effects.

Wool blend yarns and/or nylons with warm hands, opaque aspects and denim. And if someone would appreciate a crepe aspect, all blends can be rethought and structured with increased twisting.

Among Pozzi Electa proposals, a small technical corner with metallic, flame retardant and high tenacity fibres is never missing.

Biella, 17 february 2016

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