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Ongetta, the importance of quality

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Today Ongetta represents for sure one of the highest interpreters for silk yarns worldwide.

Ongetta pays particular attention to environmental issue; the company keeps a constant commitment in choosing eco-friendly products, respecting and implementing the numerous standards entered in the market.

Within a product segment that is increasingly demanding as far as quality is concerned, Ongetta continues to invest in technological innovations which allow to raise the qualitative standard of silk products.

In this Filo edition too, the company shows various proposals to further stimulate customers in the development of winter collections.

In line with fashion rules, the characteristics of products include the use of raw silk which highlights the opacity, lively hands and yarn dyeing with stock service crepe.

An important role could soon be played by blend products to re-launch the shantung aspects.

Light and filmy solutions for the development of the accessory will be present too.

Biella, 17 february 2016

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