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Welcome to Filo

The 46th edition of Filo hosts an high number of new exhibitors: that is to say companies coming from Italy, Europe, the Mediterranean basin and Asia.

There are three Italian companies that will have their debut at Filo. Filatura e Tessitura di Tollegno is a well- structured entity that integrates within the company itself the whole pipeline’s steps: from yarns’production to end products. Tintoria di Quaregna was established in the Fifties and therefore has a long history in the textile field. It focuses its research on natural dyes, using over 200 different herbs: it is an artisanal know how repeated on an industrial scale, using the latest technologies. The technology developed by Tintoria Quaregna is unique in the world of its kind and has received an important recognition by becoming the only natural dyeing technology approved by Woolmark with a special brand.

Futura Filati, the yarns company belonging to Franzoni group, continues along the path paved by its parent company in the research of increasingly new solutions servicing costumers, aiming at maintaining and strenghtening its leading position within the sector.

While Meya Grabher-Meyer Elasticumspinnerei comes from Austria, and it is specialised in stretch yarns whose elastic basis, that is the core of the thread, is made up of fine strings of elastic rubber or elastomers covered by nylon, polyester, cotton or rayon. All the yarns of this company are certified by Oeko-Tex.

The European tour of newcomers stops also in Bavaria with Td Fibres, that is specialised in continuous filament yarns’ production. The company is the main German producer for polyester and polyamide 6.6 yarns. All production and finishing’s phases (extrusion, spinning, texturation, dyeing, twisting and winding) are totally carried out in Germany.

Founded in 1964, the greek Varvaressos produces ring spun yarns, both conventional and compact ones, within a wide range of counts, for circular and straight knitting and weaving. Materials’ quality and customer service represent its strenghts.

Monocel comes at Filo for the first time from Norway. While Titexxet is a textile representation agency, with its headquarter in Switzerland, that is specialised in trading yarns, fabrics and garments of high quality. The company works internationally, through a thick network of agents, representing some among the most well-known spinning and weaving mills all around the world. Titexxet provides its customers with a wide range of raw materials with high qualitative standards, ensuring a prompt, efficient, accurate and customized service. A stock service is available too thanks to a constantly refurbished warehouse.

Setcore Spinning comes from Egypt: it uses high quality Egyptian cotton for the production of yarns in fine counts. Setcore Spinning is a cutting edge spinning mills, that produces single, double, compact, twisted and carbonated yarns on hard or soft beams for knitting and weaving with an counts’ array ranging from Ne 20 to Ne 300 both single and twisted.

Finally the new exhibitors coming from Asia. Silk yarns comes from Thailand thanks to Spun Silk World. In addition to the 100% silk yarns the company offers a wide range of blends: silk-cashmere, silk-wool, silk-cotton or silk-linen. A very interesting novelty is the collection “Functional Silk” in which the use of innovative blends lets you combine the functionality to the elegance of silk. For its part, China Hemp produces hemp yarns and blends of noble fibres. The company has a vertical operating structure and it has property’s plantations in Southern Yunnan region of the country, a ever-new spinning mill, for wet and cotton, in Wuhan. Offices, management and logistics set in Ningbo.

Biella, 27 july 2016

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