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The 46th edition of Filo: innovation rhymes with research and tradition

The 46th edition of Filo will be held at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan on the 28th and 29th of September 2016. The date is closing up and Paolo Monfermoso, Filo manager, gives us a preview on the products and the atmosphere of the exhibition.

From both political and economic grounds, June and July have been difficult months. First came Brexit, then the attacks in Dacca and Nice and again the failed military coup in Turkey: «Needless to say, all these events have created a new uncertainty that makes economic activities more complex to carry out – as Paolo Monfermoso immediately states – However, we should face problems with rationality. Let’s consider Brexit for instance: estimates show that for Italy and especially for the Italian textile industry consequences should be limited, actually gaining benefits when the exit of the United Kingdom will be definitive, for example regarding the issue of ‘Made in’ labels.» Monfermoso continues: «As for the Italian economic situation, despite a recovery still weak, there are some positive aspects: a report recently released by ITA-Agency highlights how textile industry still represents a leading sector within our country export.» About the 46th edition of Filo, Monfermoso stresses how ‘the exhibiting spaces have been entirely booked well in advance, with new exhibitors coming from Italy, Europe and Asia. Buyers’ pre-registrations are consistent with data recorded during the same period of last year. Generally, I’m expecting for the 46th edition of Filo a positive atmosphere, as always, since Filo is a platform where supply and demand of high quality yarns come together and our commitment is to offer more and more business opportunities to companies, paying attention to their needs and trying to meet them as adequately as possible. We show our mission by inviting – in cooperation with ITA-Agency – a delegation of buyers coming from those European and Extra-European countries which know how to appreciate the high quality of yarns exhibited at Filo. And we try to show that also through events and partnerships that enrich these two days of fair: at the 46th edition this task will be assigned to the exhibit on “Archivi tessili” (Textile Archives) by Centro Rete Biellese from one hand, and to the area on innovation and research by PoinTex, from the other. However, the conference-inauguration, which once more has been organized together with ITA-Agency, will represent an interesting chance to catch the opportunities offered from markets like Korea or Japan.»

Biella, 27 july 2016

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