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How to ‘export the dolce vita’ on advanced markets

Once the crisis’ bite has been slackened within the advanced markets, the trend is to spend again: this is the most important news within the economic scenario and it represents a very good news for Italian companies of ‘the beautiful and the well done’ (industry of textile/apparel, furnishing, hosiery, jewels, glasses and food). The 8th edition of the report ‘How to export the dolce vita’, written by Centro Studi Confindustria and Prometeia, underlines the consumption’s recovery within the developed countries.

According to the report, in 2022 the 31 advanced markets that have been analysed will import from Italy 70 billion euro of ‘beautiful and well done’ products, compared to 59 billion euro in 2016: approximately 12 billion more, registering a growth by 20%. This is a prudent scenario, with market’s stable shares for made in Italy products, that is why it could be possible also to achieve a greater development, up to an increase accounting for 18 billion.
According to Licia Mattioli, vice-president of Confindustria for the internationalisation ‘in order to increase our competitiveness on these markets there are two ways: investing in high value-added manufacture and increasing the number of exhibiting companies, that is still too low’. At the report’s presentation, the Ministry for the economic development, Carlo Calenda highlighted the importance of the USA market for the Italian products of the ‘beautiful and well-done’: ‘We have only just begun to scrape the surface of American market, through the USA plan for made in Italy promotion’. These efforts – according to the Ministry – would have been more effective if negotiations on Ttip, the free trade agreement between the USA and Europe had been carried on.

Biella, 17 may 2017

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