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The “Performance” of Tollegno 1900

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Tollegno 1900 presents at Filo, the International Exhibition of Yarns and Fibers, the innovative line Performance: # 24hourworkandleisure, designed to accompany all day in the name of well-being, comfort and maximum performance.

The protagonists of Performance are the merino wool (extra-fine and ultrafine) and cashmere, pure or blended with strong imprinting tech fibers (Tencel, carbon, nylon silicone). The result? Versatile yarn, pleasant on the skin, comfortable for daily use (total easy care) able to meet the needs of life active of an audience who wants easy to wear garments for work, leisure, sports and underwear wardrobe. Exhibited at the 46th edition of Filo are also the “Luxury” collection, with the top yarn New Royal, Charme and Sultano (70% Superfine Merino and 30% Silk) and the “Classic” line with the iconic Vicky and Harmony (100% Merino extrafine) flanked by some tech-inspired yarn as Racing 3/37 and Wooltech 2/48 and 3/24. To complete Tollegno 1900’s proposal for the next cold season is a selection of yarns with a strong jersey vocation as Corvette and Thunderbird.

Biella, 7 september 2016

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