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“Naturale” according to Tintoria di Quaregna

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At the 46th edition of Filo Tintoria di Quaregna shows “Naturale”, a collection of yarns dyed with natural dyeing process. The process has been devised by Tintoria di Quaregna during 18 years of research and make use of more than 200 natural ingredients, such as flowers, leaves, berries and roots, to get a wide range of attractive colours and shades, plain colours and mélanges.

“Naturale” includes 100% natural and organic yarns in different fibers: wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen. The technology has achieved reproducible colours with good fastness.

All dyes pertaining to the “Natural”e collection are very distinctive and unique, and derive from researches and studies carefully taking into great consideration the respect for the environment and the use of eco-friendly processes.

Due to its natural and exclusive characteristics, the technology had been certified by Woolmark in world exclusivity.

Biella, 7 september 2016

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