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The luxury of harmony for Ongetta

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The new collection by Ongetta presents new yarns that reveal an immediate link to the luxury fashion world.

For the 46th edition of Filo, Ongetta has decided to divide the new collection into three main topics.

The first topic are the silk frisottins, which emphasize their characteristics through the torsion and the retraction giving to the fabric a solid structure.

The second topic focuses on emphasizing the cleanliness of the pure white and the union of natural and light fibers such as silk, linen and cotton.

In the last, we find yarns highlighting the brightness of the wet effect, light points obtained by a very thin lamé and through the union of trilobal fibers and natural yarns.

Through its new collection, Ongetta wants to convey a desire of harmony and innovation, as expressed through the succession of the seasons.

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