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Fil3, the softness of Tencel, the brightness of linen

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Among products presented by Fil3 at the 46th edition of Filo, a new yarn deserve special attention. It is a mix of linen and Tencel. The resulting yarn has the softness of Tencel and the endurance, flexibility and shine of linen. The color palette is wide, with mélange colors in the Nm 1/26 count

Why Fil3 focuses so much on Tencel? Tencel, a fiber produced from cellulose shattered dissolved in NMMO-monohydrate. Its main features are the excellent resistance, good breathability and moisture absorption.

The production process is less polluting: the solvents used are non-toxic and are completely recyclable.  Although the Tencel is biodegradable, if you place it in a landfill, it does not decomposes completely. In any case, by special studies, it appears that is able to decompose in only 8 days in certain environments. For its particular features, Tencel fiber is a very good raw material for the textile industry (clothing, technical fabrics, furniture).

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