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T.O.T. puts hemp in the foreground

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It is focused on hemp the collection that T.O.T. – Tessimenti e orditi tinti proposes at the 49th edition of Filo. Hemp is one of the oldest fibers to have been used by man.

Why T.O.T. – Tessimenti e orditi tinti has chosen hemp as raw material? Organic and natural hemp possesses, thanks to its molecular structure, exceptional antistatic, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, thermal insulating and transpiring properties.
Its properties protect against dust, electromagnetic pollution, infrared and UV rays, creating a barrier against harmful radiation to the skin.
The capacity of transpiration of the hemp and the highest in nature: its typical speed of absorption and de-absorption of the humidity unit with a high resistance to mechanical action and deformations are essential for the creation of extremely comfortable fabrics.
Its hollow and hygroscopic fibrils allow to produce fresh items in summer and warm in winter months.
In fact, the central channel (lumen) that characterizes the fiber determines a gradual transfer of humidity and temperature between one environment and another with unparalleled reflections on the physiological properties of the artifacts that live in close contact with the human body.
This is a very important feature also in the field of furniture and curtains thanks to the insulating and soundproofing properties that derive from it.
Last but not least, the cultivation of hemp does not require the use of pesticides and herbicides, does not degrade the soil where it is grown and is totally biodegradable in respect of the environment around us.

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