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Pozzi Electa’s values: tradition, respect and well-being

“Creating sustainable yarns in Italy for excellent textiles” is the commitment of the Pozzi Electa spinning mill, which since 1889 continues in the values of tradition – made in Italy – respect – for the environment and well-being – for people.

For Pozzi Electa, being a sustainable company means not only respect for the environment, saving of raw materials and economic resources, but also respect for the health of workers and consumers, respect for human rights, rationalization of creative and production processes, stimulus for innovation and research.

With this in mind, the new collection, continuing on the path already traced in recent years, focuses on the development of yarns made from natural and recycled raw materials which, due to their preciousness or particularity, manage to hit the imagination of people using them. So, alongside Cashmere, Yak, fine Wool, Silk, also recycled, is presented in various ways.

The natural aspect predominates, the sweetness of the hands joins the preciousness of the contents, the sustainable artificial fibers such as Tencel mix with the recycled cottons from jeans, the long staple cotton is combined with wool and silk. Cupro, Lyocell and Viscosa, also microfiber, twisted and gassed, complete a range of yarns perfect for every need.


Biella, april 01 2020

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