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Ongetta: the silk road, the road to sustainability

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Sustainability is nowadays a well-known and frequently discussed issue, but its full achievement requires an attentive, long and coherent process, such as the one chosen by Ongetta.

From an interesting study carried out by Silvio Faragò for the “Stazione Sperimentale della Seta”, silk is the only natural fiber with a 100% eco-sustainable productive process, where it absorbs important quantities of CO2. In addition, silk is also the only fiber producing more oxygen than it does absorb while being transformed into yarn.
Given the growing relevance of providing environmental-friendly products and the ‘natural vocation’ silk has towards such issues, Ongetta devoted all of its energies and finally achieved the two main existing certifications on the matter, namely the GRS (Global Recycle Standard) and GOTS (Global Textile Standard) certifications. In the nearest future, the company intends hence to focus on promoting and spreading its GRS-certified Schappe articles, realized in close cooperation with its spinning and reeling partners.
Culture, environment and society are part of silk sustainability. Thus, they explain in Ongetta, if the consumer always adopted a responsible behavior in choosing the ready-made garments, and checked their composition, the result would be an immediate improvement in our surroundings and, with that, in our wellbeing.


Biella, September 30 2020

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