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Pozzi Electa: how to meet today’s needs while safeguarding those of tomorrow

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Pozzi Electa yarn collection is consistent with the mission of excellence and marked environmental awareness of the company. With this attitude Pozzi Electa canto assist its customers in an increasingly attentive market, without forgetting the protection of the territory for the benefit of future generations.

In line with the most current trends, Pozzi Electa offers a range of ring “Ecoyarns” deriving from recycled fibers, that we select with the same criteria that have always led our history: high quality raw material, social responsibility shared with our partners and guarantee of sustainability.
The high evenness of the fibers allows the company to obtain top quality yarns, ribbons and rovings addressed to those who, like Pozzi Electa, fight the low cost and low quality market, helping to extend the product life cycle and oppose the throwaway culture.
Today Pozzi Electa wants to focus on our range of yarns containing recycled cotton from jeans and other fabrics, whose exclusively Italian origin ensures a thorough control of their content and quality standards.
The new entries of the family are the 50% Lyocell (Tencel) 50% recycled cotton yarns, available in three different shades of blue: light, medium and dark. The particular coloring provides fabrics with effects, shades and suggestions of recycled denim.


Biella, September 30 2020

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