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Monticolor, 25 years of colors

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At the 49th edition of Filo Monticolor presents a wide range of products, starting from Cotton & Colors: the stock service evolution for cotton yarns in 282 fashion colors. A single shade card for solid, mélange and jaspè shades in counts Ne 20/1, 20/2, 30/1, 30/2 and 30/3. Cotton & Colors allows to create a customized yarn with the special 10Days production service.

Proposals by Monticolor include stock service: more than 4.000 items of yarn types and always contemporary shades.
The wide and complete yarns proposal by Monticolor include Fancy Yarns: metallized and slubbed; 100% viscose, Modal, Micromodal and fibers blends with cotton, wool, cashmere, angora wool, silk, linen, bamboo.
Active Lab: new yarns with technical and efficient performances, aspects and contents. The innovative Deocell fiber eliminates bad smells at a molecular level. It is skin-friendly as it maintains natural PH levels and inhibits the growth of bacteria; it is tested by acknowledged laboratories. To this family of performing yarns also belong technical fibers such as Coolmax, Thermolite, Thermocool and Profilen (friction free).
Colors for Life: since 2008 Monticolor’s commitment is to direct its products and production processes towards a new model of development, in which environmental care, respect for mankind and economic sustainability coexist. Monticolor yarns are GOTS and GRS certified: the advantages of organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled Pet, mixed in trendy yarns. Monticolor has joined the Detox project.

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