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Varvaressos: from Greece with high quality

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Varvaressos offer a great variety of quality yarns, made in Greece, that inspire new ideas for fabrics that perform luxury and comfort!

Here are a number of yarns exhibited by Varvaressos at the 49th edition of Filo.
Micromodal: naturally soft and lightweight, presenting a silky and smooth flow.
Tencel & Microtencel: superior softness, inherent performance, featuring strength, moisture transfer and natural inhibition of bacteria growth.
Tencel/Wool: b.lend of Tencel & wool, for luxurious, smooth fabrics that offer a perfect moisture management
Lyomix: blend of Tencel & cotton, offering high functionality, natural touch and increased dimension stability.
Supima & Pima cotton: the fineness, longer staple length, strength and uniformity of Supima & Pima cotton fibers, make the yarn perfect for luxurious fabrics with brilliant colours.
ELS Cotton/Micromodal: blend of extra long staple cotton (Supima or Pima) & Micromodal for pure luxurious fabrics, with brilliant colours, smooth appearance and unique soft touch.
Organic cotton & CmiA: eco-friendly and sustainable qualities that deliver proven benefits for people and the environment
And finally corespun, slubs, multi-count yarns in a variety of raw materials and counts.

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