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Luigi Boldrini e figli: the long history of chenille yarn

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Luigi Boldrini & figli specialises in chenille yarns production.
The word “chenille” originates from French, first found in a 1214 document, with the meaning of “caterpillar”. In the Italian fashion language of 1698, the word was “seniglia” and then, in 1771, “ciniglia”.

At the beginning of 1900 the definition of chenille was: “Yarn spuns with special techniques that hold the tufts of voluminous and straight hair to the core”. Made up in French in 1600, it could be made with silk, cotton, rayon, wool, linen and many others natural and syntetic fibers. The fabric looks like a velvet or clippings fur very soft. It has frequent fashion returns and for more than 70 years the firm Luigi Boldrini produces chenille yarns in high quality and collaborates with the best fashion firm in the world. Today chenille yarns continues to be used in knitting, weaving and braids in her fanciful style, colours and softeness; caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

Biella, 21 september 2016

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