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The success of an app tells us how topical the issue of sustainability in fashion is. The application in question is called “Good on you”, has been active since 2013 and has actress Emma Watson as testimonial. Its mission is precise.

“Good on You” offers the consumer the opportunity to find out about the origin and manufacturing processes of the clothes, based on 100 sustainability, environmental and ethical issues. So far the app has rated about 2,500 brands, from formal to sportswear, to luxury brands. For each brand, Good on you collects data on its production chain and attributes a rating (Great, Good, It’s a start, Not good enough). When information isn’t good enough, Good on You reports the lack of transparency. Rating sources are robust third party indices, and independent certifications, accreditations and other standards based systems (like Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX STeP and the Global Organic Textile Standard).


Biella, April 7 2021

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