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“G.r.e.en.s. thinking” by Olimpias Group

Olimpias group yarns division has its plants in the textile district of Prato which has been a circular economy for over 170 years. The concepts of sustainable fashion and recycling are rooted and have always been part of the soul of this city. Reuse was the basis of the development of the textile district thanks to the creation and use of carded wool in the first spinning mills equipped to use recycled material.

It is irresponsible to underestimate the impact that our actions have on the future of the environment. There is a need to adopt consistent behaviours to restore oxygen to the future, Olimpias group summarize them with the term G.r.e.en.s. (Genuine, Responsible, Ecologic, ENergy saving, Sustainable). In the wake of this awareness, Olimpias has converted its production process so that it is eco-compatible and ecologically sustainable within the “urban jungle” of clothing in the textile sector and in general in commerce.
Olimpias Yarns division produces “G.r.e.en.s” yarns, perfectly compatible with the environment. They are like objects from nature itself, made with energy coming from renewable sources or from other recycled products both dialoguing with the environment without harming the future. They are the materialization of the “G.r.e.en.s. corporate thinking”.
Olimpias gets energy from nature. The 94% of its electricity needs are covered by renewable sources. The solar panel system and the cogeneration plant give continuous energy to the production plants. To avoid using fossil energy means reducing CO2 emissions and – at the same time – significantly reducing the use of polluting oils.
Since 2014 Olimpias has embraced the principles of Greenpeace’s Detox project. For years, the company has made its production chain “green” by gradually eliminating all those substances that are less sustainable and harmful to the environment or even minimally toxic to humans. Thanks to this extreme care for processing and for the well-being of people, Olimpias yarns are ecological and have a reduced impact on the environment.
Olimpias was the first company among the textile industries to start the European Wasatex project, aimed at total saving of water and energy in the production process. With a radical renewal in the purification cycle, Olimpias has reduced its water and energy consumption obtaining both a positive impact on the environment and an improvement in product quality.
The New Eco G.r.e.en.s. yarn collection announce what Olimpias will be in the future. Environmental sensitivity is the soul of Olimpias: to create yarns for clothing and furnishings taking care of people, health, environment and the future of our planet. Because only in this way can we always have a tomorrow to tell.
In its process Olimpias has reduced the consumption of non-renewable raw materials: the company mainly choose those that are coming from a recycling processes with a particular view to the circular economy.


Biella, June 10 2020

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