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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Directorate General for the Promotion of the Country System, has confirmed for 2022 more favourable ways for foreign operators entering Italy to participate in international fairs.

These are the criteria for foreign operators heading to international fairs:
For people coming from the countries included in lists A, B, C (basically EU countries, please check the following decrees by ministero della Salute) the same general rules apply;
Visitors and operators entering Italy from the countries listed in D and E, (non-EU countries, please check the following decrees ministero della Salute) will have the opportunity to take advantage of the exemption establishing the exoneration from compulsory swab test and self-isolation for anyone entering Italy for a period not exceeding one hundred and twenty hours (five days) for proven necessity due to work. The obligation of filling out the self-declaration form and communication to the competent health authority before entering Italy remains;
If it is necessary to stay in Italy for a period of time exceeding 120 hours, it is possible to take advantage of the exemption from the self-quarantine and health monitoring requirements for non-deferrable reasons. The request for exemption must be sent to Office 3 of the General Directorate of Health Prevention of the Ministry of Health ( which, in the event of a positive response, it will transmit the guidelines with which the traveller must comply in order to be exempted from the self-quarantine requirement.
In order to request the exemption, it is necessary to send the documentation at least 7 working days before the date of entry into Italy to the email address indicated above. The authorisation can be also requested by directly contacting the organisers of the fair trade for which the exemption is requested.
This is without prejudice to the possibility of taking advantage of the exemption from the obligation of self-isolation for people entering Italy via ‘Covid-tested’ flights, which are flights that have been authorised by the Ministry of Health on some international Italian airports (for example Rome Fiumicino Airport, Milan Malpensa Airport) for connections to Canada, Japan, UAE, and USA. The list is constantly updated and can be checked on the related website. For information about Covid-tested flights’ operation planning for the routes where the experimentation is ongoing or predicted, please directly contact airline companies.


Biella, December 22 2021

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