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Filo no. 50, a totally golden edition

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More exhibitors compared to past editions and an agenda rich in events: here are some of the ingredients that make this appointment with Filo “totally golden”. Filo will start on the 26th of September at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, having in store pleasant surprises for all participants.

The program for the 50th edition of Filo starts to take shape. As always, the real protagonists will be the companies and their top-of-the-range yarns. However, this particular edition wants to leave space for celebrations, since it marks the “50 times of Filo” and 25 years of the Exhibition. Therefore, the official inauguration of the 50th edition of Filo is scheduled to be held at 11 o’clock on the 26th of September 2018, at the FiloLounge, via a press conference by Carlo Piacenza, president of Unione Industriale Biellese. The same day at 5.50 p.m. the real Filo’s birthday party will start, to give the fair acknowledgment to those people who participated in all the stages of Filo’s history and to those people who have decided, on this occasion, to be present for the first time.

Biella, 12 september 2018

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