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New Ecotec Inspirations by Marchi & Fildi

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Dedicated to discovery and innovation, Marchi & Fildi invests every season in a program of textile developments, called Ecotec Inspiration, that showcase their Ecotec range of smart and responsible yarns.

In view of the 50th edition of Filo, Ecotec looks at an oceanic coolness and organic vegetal texturing, playing with the ebb and flow of nature in soft tonalities for jacquard open, clean plaids, bayaderes and new athleisure semi plains for Polaris and Chagall qualities. New casual textures and crisp, dry Prince of Wales checks work in Pegasus yarns, while Phoenix is colorized in fancy mesh stripings. The lightest double face combinations, or elaborate open lace effects make the most of the Ginerva luxe quality. Texture and movement come from manipulated pleated stripes and tonal jacquards or in random surface textures using smart blended Phoenix qualities.

Recently Marchi & Fildi has become member of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) a non-profit organization whose aim is to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in, and better for the sector’s future.

Biella, 12 september 2018

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