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Silk by Ongetta: environmentally friendly by nature

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There is an exponential increase on the statements, especially online, which aim to raise awareness regarding environment sustainable products by showing the effect of pollution. An example of that is ocean contamination from the water until the food chain.

All these initiatives promote the recycling of those material used on large scales. This helped the development of new artificial and synthetic materials in all the industries and the textile sector too.

Bearing this in mind, it is important to turn the spotlight on silk, which has been produced for 5000 years and has been related to field cultivations’ activities. Lately, the farmers are committing in developing better agricultural techniques in order to remove pesticides from the mulberry harvests.

In this time of changes, humanity have been trying to create a symbiosis between nature and climate changes in order to allow the best selection of silkworms’ breeds.
The outcome of this development is a unique silk product, which is kept as a treasure in order to create the finest fabrics for value and beauty. These are the key features, which Ongetta continues offering the market with the awareness of being on the side of nature.

Biella, 12 september 2018

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