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Sustainability, traceability, and supply chain are the three words which add up the mission of Filo, words around which the Exhibition organizes the continuous dialogue with the companies participating in the fair and all its activities. Beyond these three words, which identify a precise idea of future’s textile industry, there are other two fundamental ones, namely internationalisation and innovation.

Filo is an increasingly international exhibition, thanks to the constant increase in exhibitors, visitors, and buyers coming from abroad. The presence in the fair of foreign operators – both as exhibitors and visitors as well – allows to develop special collaborations, creating new development’s perspectives in those markets that are not so easy to reach for a single company, especially if it is a SME, as the ones belonging to the textile industry. Concerning innovation, the continuous search for new products, new developments and solutions represents an element which distinguishes all the companies participating in Filo, a kind of condicio sine qua non for presenting yarns and fibres at the Exhibition.
Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, declares: “The increasingly strong internationalisation of Filo meets a specific need of the companies and the market. The growth of textile companies and the enhancement of Made in Italy go through the access to foreign markets, as well as the creation and the development of new textile ideas arise from confrontation and cooperation with different realities. Despite stories, activities, and corporate dimensions are different, the common denominator of the companies participating in Filo – both Italian and foreign ones – is the excellence of the products, the respect of environmental and social rules and a vision oriented to the future of the manufacturing industry.”


Biella, May 3 2023

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