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Filo: go ahead for the roadshow to present the 45th edition

Filo’s 2016 starts with the press conferences presenting the 45th edition of yarns and fibres exhibition, that will be held at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan on 2-3 March 2016.

It is a real roadshow which includes press conferences held in Biella (18 January 2016 – at 10.30 – Valletto room – Unione Industriale Biellese – via Torino 56) and in Milan (19 January 2016 – at 10.30 – Palazzo delle Stelline – Corso Magenta 61).

Mr. Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, said: “The excellent trend of last editions confirms the validity of Filo’s formula: a fair orientated to business, aiming at maximizing the strongly high quality of Italian and European yarns’ production. Our objective for 2016 is therefore to increase the number of companies – both Italian and foreign ones – which participate in Filo through a more incisive and focused communication. For the second quarter, in cooperation with Ice Agency, we are considering the opportunity to present Filo to foreign operators’ groups too. “But news does not only concern promotional activities for Filo – Monfermoso continued – Filo March 2016 edition is offering a renewal of the exhibition space within Palazzo delle Stelline, which has been redesigned to make it even more functioning and welcoming. We have also redesigned lighting, which has been studied in order to make the quality of exhibited collections immediately standing out.

Development proposals by Gianni Bologna, responsible for Filo creativity and style will play a central role during the press conferences to present the 45th edition of Filo. The theme of the 45th edition is “Curriculum vitae”. As Bologna illustrated: “One of the phenomena that certainly has been distinguished our society is the progressive increase of superficiality and that resulting ‘bad taste’. The first part of the presentation is dedicated to the compulsive desire to fill life with an excess of presence, visibility, to occupy space in the world with one’s own ego. While the other side of the coin – that is carried out in the second part of the presentation – is the converse desire of ‘pretending not to be there’, isolating themselves and disappearing, for the time being at least, escaping from one’s own and others’ logorrhoea, in such a way that the world could appear the way it really is; that is to say manifold and decentralized, a path with thousand escape ways”.

The 45th edition of Filo is scheduled to be held at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, on 2-3 March 2016.

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