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Filo 4.0: Innovating to grow

Innovation and digitalisation as the most important key factors for the growth of businesses had been debated during ‘Filo4.0’, the conference organized by Filo in cooperation with Italian Trade Agency and Sistema Moda Italia. Filo has focused on this issue for a long time, and speakers discussed the subject referring to concrete examples, too.

During the opening speech Marinella Loddo, director of ITA Agency – office of Milan, reasserted: “Nowadays, innovation is not an option but a duty for Italian enterprises”. Giuseppe Schirone, from Prometeia, provided a clear overview on the impact of the innovations in the manufacturing field concluding: “In the industrial production, new technologies are promoting changes beyond the simple automation of the processes”. Samuele Sarotto, from Miroglio Textile, showed efficiently the path of innovation taken by Miroglio, and underlined how useful the innovation was during the economic crisis of 2008. During the 2013-2016 period, the company carried out an investment plan accounting for 26 million, which gave the opportunity to renovate the machine equipment and improve the production process. The result is an annual production accounting for 100 thousand meters of digital technology printed fabric, which helps to meet the expectations of the clients in terms of accuracy and promptness (fabrics are delivered now in one week rather that one month) leading to energy and natural resources saving, starting from water.
The speech by Jung Jung Woo, president of RePlain – a Korean fashion brand – concluded the conference. Jung Jung Woo explained how in the recent past the Korean market was polarized among the famous international luxurious brands and the low-cost proposals. Today, the Korean consumer is looking for higher price-quality ratio items. The phenomenon has started from the online and TV sales (a crucial retail channel for Korea) and is gradually expanding to department stores and store chains. Consumers’ growing awareness has led to pay more attention to the materials: “Just think that until 2014 So.Wool, Gs Home Shopping private brand (the most important Korean TV channel dedicated to teleshopping) used to sell knitwear using Chinese low cost cashmere’ concluded Woo. In 2015, So.Wool introduced some items of clothing using Italian yarns. It was such a great success that in 2016 all the three main TV teleshopping channels included 100% Italian cashmere yarns items in their private labels. At RePlain we use Italian yarns for our clothing items and we write it on our labels because Italian materials are synonym of quality to Korean consumers”.

Biella, 8th March 2017

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