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Role of manufacture debated at the inauguration of the 47th edition of Filo

The official inauguration of the 47th edition of Filo took place during “Filo 4.0”, the conference organised by Filo in cooperation with Italian Trade Agency and Sistema Moda Italia. Carlo Piacenza, president of the Unione Industriale Biellese, highlighted that: “The Industria 4.0 plan is a project that will give the due importance to Italian manufacturing industry and we have to thank Ministry Calenda for this. Manufacturing industry should obtain proper recognition in Europe too, starting from the introduction of the “made in” label and of the traceability of productions, a very important theme for yarns”.

Also Cristina Tajani, councillor for the municipality of Milan returned to issues of the manufacture: “The municipality of Milan wants to re-consider the city as a productive platform, and not just for services; for this reason, especially through the exhibitions that take place here, Milan offers its services as a partner for those areas where manufacture is still strongly active. As far as textile and apparel system is concerned, it is crucial for Milan to “re-build” the whole pipeline in its totality, with fashion events, fabrics and yarns’ exhibitions”.
Mauro Chezzi from Sistema Moda Italia underlined the importance of the Italian textile-apparel: “In 2016 the production’s value was 53 billion, representing 10% of added value related to the whole Italian manufacturing industry. The textile-apparel industry is part of the traditional development model of the Italian manufacturing industry, able to move up consumer’s expectations. That is why the Industry 4.0 revolution doesn’t catch us unprepared. Furthermore, we expect it to give important advantages, especially for small-sized companies, as textile ones usually are”.
In his message for the official opening of the 47th edition of Filo, Undersecretary of State Ivan Scalfarotto mentioned “The richness of our fashion pipeline and the uniqueness of a country-system able to produce excellence related to yarns, fabrics and tailoring, not to mention accessories and whatever is related to elegance. And it seems to me comforting and full of good perspectives the strengthening of the relation between Filo, ITA-Agency and Sistema Moda Italia is, together with the international vocation of this sector”.

Biella, 8th March 2017

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